Even More Sex And Grief And Why You’re Normal

So the vast majority of visitors to my site come here looking for information about sex and grief. Well over 90%. Probably more like 95%. And that’s perfectly fine with me. it’s an under-discussed issue, clearly. And people want to know if they’re normal. Here is all you need to know… YOU ARE NORMAL. How can I say that? Well, here’s some proof…

Here are the all countries that have clicked on my sex post in the last year. Every yellow country has someone who wants to know about sex and grief. That means you, Honduras. And you, Tobago. And you, Pakistan. So trust me when I say you’re not weird.


Would you like more proof? Here is a look at some– but certainly not all– of the search terms people have used to find this site in the last year…

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The takeaway?

1. People can’t spell