A New Resource For Those Who Want To Talk It Out

I’ve been away for some time, working as a freelance writer. Sometimes I write about grief, but I also write whatever someone is willing to pay me to write. Occasionally, I’m able to write about things that are pissing me off and get paid for that, which is delightful, because we all need to vent sometimes.

Along those lines, I’ve also been getting involved with a new app that just launched called Happy. Happy the App was created by a handful of idealistic, compassionate folks who want to help people in stressful situations (which is pretty much all of us at one time or another) connect with listeners who want to hear their stories. It’s not therapy (although many of the “Happy Givers” work in therapeutic fields). It’s a place to find non-judgmental support from another human being.

Why is this needed? Well, sometimes you need to get things off your chest, but you may feel like sharing your problems would burden or annoy your friends or loved ones. They have their own problems, after all. Or they may be too close to the problem. Or they may BE the problem. Happy Givers are more like that great hairdresser or bartender who really listened to you, didn’t tell you what you should do, but was there for you when you needed to talk. People like that are few and far between. But not anymore. Because Happy has them. Thousands of them. Vetted and trained and eager to listen to your story for as long as you want.

This is NOT a paid endorsement, mind you. I’m sharing this info because I’m a part of the Happy community now, just one of many people logged on and waiting for calls.

Yes, you do have to pay for the service ($24 an hour, first 10 minutes are free, and there is no minimum length of calls), but I can assure you this a labor of love for all involved (hence the use of word-of-mouth advertising instead of commercials).

As part of the process of becoming a Giver, I placed several calls through the app and, even though I’m generally uncomfortable telling people my problems, I honestly felt like a weight had been lifted after I had. The people I’ve spoken to have been lovely, without exception. Beautiful, caring voices in the dark.

As of now, Happy is available in the US for iPhone and iPad users, but will soon be coming to Android and Canada.

Again, it’s not therapy. It’s not licensed psychologists. It’s just people who want to listen to you. And I happen to think that’s really special.

Click here to learn more about Happy