Hello Again

by Laura

The blog has been down for a few months, purposely. It hurt someone, which was an unintended consequence of thinking out loud. I’ve always considered these raw rants anonymous, in that they were available to everyone, but never directed at anyone. They were my therapy, a way of screaming nonsense and profanities into the ether with no expectation of response. But I should have known better. Nothing is anonymous. You can still be held accountable for nonsense. And people get hurt. So I paused.

Truthfully, it was time for a break anyway. Because there was a response. People confided in me. People asked me for help. People thanked me. And that was wonderful, and terrifying. Because who the hell am I to talk a person off a ledge? Or to tell someone what’s normal and not?

So I looked into graduate programs. And I looked at my bank account. And I decided to order all of the textbooks used in those graduate programs and read them on my own, because that cost an arm, but allowed me to keep my leg. So I learned a little. And then I looked into doing more. And how that all pans out, I’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, a quick return to blogging. Starting tonight, I hope.