Two Years

by Laura

Two years. And today is nothing like that day. First off, it’s a Sunday, which has an entirely different feel than a Friday, so that’s good. And there’s no urgency today, no desperate desire to grab the clock and turn it back a few hours and have everything be right again. Too far removed for that. Even though they’re both impossible, it still feelsĀ more possible to reverse time by just a little. Two years out, it’s clear that can’t ever happen. Superman couldn’t even do that. And the weather is altogether different. Hot and stale, not the drenching rains of that Friday, that cleared to reveal a plump red sunset that I managed to appreciate even though….

But, I still find myself thinking… Okay, it’s been two years. Certainly, I can have her back now. I mean, hasn’t this gone on long enough? I’m not expected to live without her forever, right? Who could ever do that?

And the answer is no, not forever. Nothing lasts forever. Not the people we miss or the people who miss them. That’s just the way it is.