Conversations With A Three Year Old

by Laura

Conversation with Maddox in the bathtub last night…

Mad: Where did my grandma go?
Me: She died, honey. But she was so happy to get to meet you and she loved you very much.
Mad: I miss her. I want to see her.
Me: I miss her, too, buddy. But we can’t see her.
Mad: I don’t know what happened to my grandma really.
Me: A part of her body just broke one day, and they couldn’t fix her.
Mad: Maybe they could push a button to fix her.
Me: There weren’t any more buttons to push. But she had a good and happy life and we get to remember how awesome she was.
Mad: I feel like I’m going to cry I think.
Me: That’s okay. Crying helps. Crying is good.
*Maddox farts*
Mad: My butt says it misses her too.

Here’s to levity.