I Just Don’t Get It

by Laura

Something a friend posted on Facebook today….

Always remember that God really does have a plan for you, although sometimes it doesnt seem that way. He will never abandon you, he will comfort and protect you, even when you are hurting the most, in prayer and petition hand every situation over to him… he’s got this, and nothing is too big for him…. remember how much each of you is loved… by me, by others, by our dear Lord. Be the light today in someones life, I suspect there are a few out there, who could use some extra love today…. Be blessed today ya’ll…..

What does that even mean? I don’t understand it. I get the part about being kind to others. That’s a nice enough reminder. But the other part. Does it mean there’s a guy in charge? He’s in charge, but you can’t tell? And he wants your life to go the way it’s going, even if it sucks? And he’s right there with you, even when you’re in pain? He can handle everything, even though he won’t actually do anything to make your situation better? And he loves you, but you don’t feel it and he won’t show it it any meaningful way, but you’re supposed to believe it anyway? How is that comforting? If there’s somebody out there who’s watching your life and seeing you in pain and is all powerful, but won’t lift a finger to help your situation, how is that comforting? You’re just supposed to not feel alone, is that it? I don’t feel alone when I’m in pain. A lot of people are in pain.

I just don’t get it. I don’t. I’m sorry. I wasn’t raised with it. I don’t get it. I don’t see how that’s comforting. How is God comforting and protecting you? If you’re uncomfortable and unprotected, how is He comforting you? Nothing is too big for Him. Great. That affects me how exactly? He can do everything, but won’t do anything? Why do people read this shit and feel happier? I don’t want to be loved by that Lord. He sounds like an asshole puppetmaster, smirking behind the scenes while your life falls apart. Who needs that?

I already have one dad whose love is hard to feel. I don’t need another one.