Who I’m Missing

by Laura

This is the slideshow I made shortly after my mom’s death. I had no idea what I was doing. The computer kept crashing. The photos I was given were pretty blurry. I didn’t know how to add music. But I was able to piece together something. I know Mom would cringe at many of the photos. The 80’s were unkind to us both. But, like a lot of moms, she was the one behind the camera most of the time, so there weren’t a lot of photos to choose from.

I chose three songs I didn’t think I’d hear again unless I wanted to– “Maple Leaf Rag,” a song my mom used to play on the piano, “Kathy’s Song” from Paul Simon, because I grew up listening to Paul Simon and my mom’s name was Kathy, so…, and finally, a Mark Knopfler ditty that fit the tone, if not the theme. A few months later, my toddler downloaded an app that actually plays the Maple Leaf Rag. So much for leaving the music behind. But it turns out I’m okay with it. You never know what’s going to sting, and what won’t.

Mom Memorial Slideshow from Laura Sheehan on Vimeo.